Maersk Line PtP program

KROHNE Marine is proud to announce that we get to take part in the Maersk Line PtP program.​

Fuel economy is a key factor for all transportation, and there is no exception in the marine business.

Maersk Line has taken a leading role on the subject in the maritime world. Fuel expenses are typically the main cost in running a vessel. Maersk Line focuses strongly on the above, by planning for high quality measurements to ensure accurate fuel balance calculations. This way they seek truth about their fuel expenses from purchase to propeller (PtP). 

Maersk Line is the world’s largest ship owner. The company introduced us to their plans, and gave KROHNE Marine the challenge of participating in their ML-PtP program. Our task is to give Maersk Line the adequate means to find correct figures for their fuel balance calculations.

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Scorpio and Hyundai MIPO Dockyards (HMD) select KROHNE Marine

For the HMD newbuildings being part of Scorpio’s continuous and extensive new tanker program, KROHNE Marine was selected as supplier of Cargo Monitoring System (CMS).

Deliveries from KROHNE Marine are tight and scheduled to start in April 2016. With the large number of ships and gauging devices, the contracts form an important part of the company’s production platform, and a challenge for the engineering team in charge of the deliveries. Currently signed contracts include 8 ships.

The contracts include cargo level radars with local display combined with a CCR computer system for a high level of redundancy on the monitoring side. OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine radars will be installed on the cargo and slop tanks, with the addition of temperature and tank pressure gauging.

We are proud to have secured yet another contract from Scorpio and HMD. With these firm contracts KROHNE Marine has become a significant supplier for Scorpio fleet and will have delivered CMS for a total of 28 vessels of Scorpios MR fleet. KROHNE Marine looks forward to a continued and long term business relation with Scorpio and HMD.

KROHNE Marine offers complete solutions for monitoring of liquids onboard all kinds of ships

CARGOMASTER® - Tank monitoring and alarm system

CARGOMASTER® is the complete solution for tank monitoring. The system is well proven and is installed on all kinds of vessels. Combined with the high precision cargo tank level radar OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine, the system offers unique benefits for tanker operators.


EcoMATE® - Monitoring of bunkering and fuel consumption

EcoMATE® is a reliable system for monitoring of bunkering operations and fuel consumption. Together with the OPTIMASS series of flowmeters, it offers accurate and maintenance free solutions for all kinds of applications - from small and simple to large and comprehensive.