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For those customers interested in learning everything about flow computers, and in particular the SUMMIT 8800, KROHNE Oil and Gas is offering a 5-day training workshop in Breda. Each participant will have their own SUMMIT 880 and will learn hands-on how to use it as a standard flow computer, as well as the hundreds of additional features that go towards creating onsite intelligent flow computing with Supervisory features. Click here for more details.

Below the tip is what you can lose

Showing the value of OIML R 137 Class 0.5

During a high-pressure calibration ultrasonic gas flowmeters will typically achieve ±0.2% accuracy, or even ±0.1% after linearization of the measurement result. This does however not mean that your accuracy in the field will stay at ±0.1%.  (...More)

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Cool Product: ALTOSONIC V for LNG

Acoustically isolated transducers in ALTOSONIC LNG receive Innovation Award at Expogaz, Lyon

Most people think that the only feasible way of measuring LNG is shore tank level measurement. KROHNE's ALTOSONIC V LNG has unique inbuilt features that overcome the drawbacks of other ultrasonic meters used for LNG flow measurement.

Its advanced acoustically isolated transducers and associated software algorithms, ensure no cross talk, linear response down the entire temperature scale, and the maximum signal obtainable at crogenic temperatures. The result is the best possible accuracy - and a feasible alternative to shore tank measurement.

ALTOSONIC V LNG is the product-of-choice for all LNG facilities looking for a more effective and accurate way of custody-transfer LNG handling. more ....



Summit 8800 Flow Computer

Digital Flow Computer with graphic display

Next generation of flow computers introduces modern touch-screen operation and single knob navigation. High power processor, with individual processors per stream for maximum performance. Automatic performance monitoring.

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