Career – Meet people at KROHNE

KROHNE is proud of its 3,000-plus employees working in over 100 countries who use their expertise daily to benefit the company and its customers. Get to know a few of them better here!

John Psyhogios

Programming and  Configuration Supervisor
KROHNE Inc., Peabody, Mass. , USA

Until 1998 I was a student at NorthShore Community College studying ...


Songliang Wang, Father & Jian Wang, Son

Songliang Wang, Technical consultant,
KMIC, Shanghai

I began my career with KROHNE...

Jian Wang, Service engineer,
KMIC, Shanghai

Indeed, my father has influenced me...


Hilko den Hollander

Global Product Manager Natural Gas Segment
KROHNE Oil & Gas, Breda, Netherlands

I joined KROHNE in 2004 as Product Manager Ultrasonic flowmeters. I find working with KROHNE to be challenging in that KROHNE encourages the development...


Michael van Dijk

Groupleader segment small electromagnetic flowmeters
KROHNE Altometer, Dordrecht, Netherlands

I started my career with KROHNE Altometer in 1995 producing ultrasonic flowmeters. In 1999 I began working...