Production facilities – Netherlands

KROHNE Altometer

KROHNE Altometer

Dordrecht, NL

Development and production of

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters

KROHNE the Level and Flow Company

Leading edge technology products & measurement solutions

For over 80 years, KROHNE has built up the reputation of being a major player in the field of flow and level measurement technology. KROHNE, presenting itself to the market as the level and flow company, is not only world leader in the field of variable area meters, but also has an excellent position with the world's best in electromagnetic flow metering. Taking these flowmeters to market in the early 1950's, KROHNE created a solid basis to become one of the leading company in the field of level and flow instrumentation.

KROHNE has grown to become an internationally acknowledged leader with companies and representatives in over 59 countries. In the Netherlands KROHNE is represented by KROHNE Nederland B.V., the Dutch sales and service organisation. KROHNE Altometer B.V., the world's largest manufacturer of electromagnetic flowmeters, is located together with KROHNE Nederland in Dordrecht. KROHNE by philosophy dedicates extensive means and time to research and development, enabling the company to constantly surprise the market with new products. Being innovative does not only mean constant improvement of products, but also of cost-effectiveness. In this way KROHNE can easily serve the customer's changing wishes, while offering tailor-made solutions.

Wide range

KROHNE offers a very wide range of products to measure both water and other liquids and gasses in diverse industries. KROHNE has a good reputation in the water market, the (petro-)chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food and beverages industry, especially in the field of flow measurement. KROHNE distinguishes 4 different groups in its flow metering range: variable area flowmeters, electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters and ultrasonic flowmeters. In addition, the company has a broad offering of level meters. KROHNE's electromagnetic flowmeters are applied mainly to measure water flow in the drinking water and waste water industry. Ultrasonic flowmeters are also applied here, but are especially suitable for measuring non-conductive liquids, such as oil and other hydrocarbons.

Best quality.

When it comes to quality KROHNE is proud to state that it delivers the best measuring instruments in the field. For instance, products that are buried underground, can function trouble-free for 30 years and more, because of special coating and welded seams. Another example is the 2-wire electromagnetic flowmeter that easily saves 800 euro in installation costs.

KROHNE offers its range of electromagnetic flowmeter in a very wide measurement range, for many different flow velocities. KROHNE even delivers flowmeters with a diameter as small as 3 mm. This small diameter can be applied in the beverage industry for bottle-filling. But very large meters, with a diameter of over 3 meters are not an exception either. These meters are mainly used to measure drinking water.

Over the years, KROHNE has built up an extensive knowledge base in diverse applications. KROHNE's specialised sales engineers can give you excellent advice in finding the right solution for your application.