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Operational efficiency for cruise ship operators

  • Electronic fuel management and bunker monitoring
  • Real-time fuel consumption and emissions data
  • Remote, cloud functionality for shore office monitoring and reporting
  • Flow instrumentation
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With a length of 360 meters and more than 5000 passengers the largest cruise ships can be regarded as floating cities. The vessels are often state of the art, when it comes to propulsion, fresh water production and waste handling, requiring extensive instrumentation for process monitoring and control. Cruise ships visit destinations and ports all over the world, some of which have fragile ecosystems. Owners and operators are under constant pressure to minimize the environmental footprint of their cruise activities, from local regulations, public opinion and international conventions.

For the ship owner, one major operational cost for the voyage is the fuel used, so fuel efficiency is paramount. KROHNE EcoMATE™ electronic fuel management system monitors and reports on fuel consumption and corresponding emissions, in accordance with the latest European Union and International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations. Using high accuracy Coriolis mass flowmeters, the fuel used by all the separate systems on board can be monitored. EcoMATE™ also allows separate monitoring of all bunkering operations. All EcoMATE™ data is accessible from shore- office, allowing both the crew and ship owner to keep track of day to day efficiency.

KROHNE also manufacture a wide range of electromagnetic flowmeters suitable for other flow instrumentation on board, such as in ballast water treatment systems, exhaust gas cleaners (scrubbers) water/oil separators or fresh water production systems.

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