Volume flow measurement of electrically conductive liquid medium


  • No moving parts, no maintenance with marine type approvals
  • Standard accuracy ±0.3% of measured value
  • Wear resistant line


Dredging onboard a dredger

Accurate flow measurement for monitoring dredging operations

Dredgers are essential and effective tools at keeping waterways and ports navigable, and can also be instrumental in assisting with coastal protection, land reclamation and coastal redevelopment. The most efficient dredging techniques use large pumps and suction pipes to pick up and move the slurry mixture from the sea bed.

The largest dredgers have suction pips with diameters as large as 1300 millimeter. In most cases operators need to document how much material has been moved, measured by weight of solids. This is calculated by measuring both the liquid flow rate, and fluid density. Typically a radioactive attenuation transmitter is used to measure the liquid solids content, and a flowmeter or flow velocity sensor used to monitor the flow volume.

KROHNE have a long history of providing electromagnetic flowmeters to directly measure the total flow volume in dredging applications, and have amassed a lot of experience. The KROHNE OPTIFLUX 4000 is now the preferred flowmeter for leading companies within the dredging industry. With a full bore flow tube and several abrasion resistant obstructionless liners (Ceramic tiles, Polyurethane or Soft rubber), these units are robust and easy to install. OPTIFLUX 4000 is specially calibrated for dredging applications and flow velocities, and carries most relevant marine type approvals (such as DNV-GL, KR, BV).