Fuel consumption and carbon emission monitoring system for ships

The whole picture at a glance

EcoMATE™, the electronic fuel management system (EFMS), is specifically designed for real time fuel consumption and bunkering monitoring chosen by major shipping companies.

For you as a fleet owner: Whether for a chemical tanker or for a gas carrier – once implemented, EcoMATE™ provides the whole picture you need to gain the full control on fuel consumption, emissions und bunkering. Visualised, documented, for all types of vessels. And you don`t have to be on board – as EcoMATE™ is a remote, cloud-based solution.

For you as a ship personnel: In combination with the highperformance KROHNE OPTIMASS Coriolis mass flowmeters, EcoMATE™ gives you detailed information on fuel consumption measured in the supply and return lines to main engine and other consumers onboard. With automated emission reports, for different fuel types.

In order to keep track of fuel oil costs and to be able to verify the amount of fuel oil received during a bunkering operation, the EcoMATE™ system also gives an overview of all corresponding flow readings.

EcoMATE™ is a 100% in-house product consisting of 4 software modules:

Your demands - our mission

Through its highly dedicated employees and decades of experience KROHNE Marine can offer a variety of solutions based on the customers need and operational requirements:

  • Standalone software packages (e.g. interfaced with existing flowmeters)
  • KROHNE Coriolis mass flow meters for integration with existing systems onboard
  • Package of computer, software & flowmeters for installation by crew or yard
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Service, support and training

Turnkey solution from one source

KROHNE Marine offers you turnkey solutions in the spheres of measurement, electrical installation and system integration. They yield direct benefits such as effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use.

Our experienced project engineers take responsibility for a total solution and provide input throughout the entire process: from consultancy and design to maintenance and service. The installation can be done during voyage or even during port stay – no need for off-hire.