The OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine introduces well tested and proven state of the art radar technology in the marine sector. First of all the KROHNE 24GHz technology (FMCW measuring principle with 2GHz sweep) is a giant leap when it comes to signal to noise ratio. In more spoken words; the radar's ability to see the actual tank contents during the most difficult situations is well secured. By minimizing the effect of fog, foam, movements, sloshing, disturbances and low reflection, the OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine gives you the ullage under all conditions.

Bring easiness to your daily work

OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine is unique when it comes to redundant indication, closed tank cleaning and closed tank service. With these three operational benefits, the OPTIWAVE will save operational costs in various critical situations as well as save hazzle during daily routines.

The FMCW radar measuring principle

(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)

A high-frequency signal is used, the transmitting frequency of which increases linearly during the measurement (frequency sweep). The signal is sent out, reflected back from the surface of the measured product and received with a time delay. The difference Df is formed from the current transmitting and receiving frequency for further signal processing. It is directly proportional to the distance - a large frequency difference means a large distance and vice versa.


This frequency difference is converted to a frequency spectrum via a "Fast Fourier Transformation" (FFT), then the product distance is calculated. The level results from the difference between the tank level and distance.