KROHNE Marine – Service and support

Your demands - our mission

Through its highly dedicated employees and decades of experience KROHNE Marine can offer a variety of solutions based on the customers need and operational requirements:

  • Standalone software packages (e.g. interfaced with existing flowmeters)
  • KROHNE Coriolis mass flow meters for integration with existing systems onboard
  • Package of computer, software & flowmeters for installation by crew or yard
  • Full turnkey solution
  • Service, support and training

Service network

To support you and your operations, our worldwide network of service stations is trimmed to provide you high quality and right support at any time.

Taking advantage of KROHNE Marine “one stop shop” will ease your communication and improve our teamwork constantly. Allowing for even greater trust and peace of mind!


KROHNE Marine has supplied level gauging products for more than 30 years and we take pride in maintaining our installations onboard for the lifetime of your ship. At a certain point, an overhaul or exchange of old computers or electronics may be necessary. In such cases we can offer tailored upgrading kits that will prolong the lifetime of the system, at a minimum cost.

Most of our CARGOMASTER® v.1 systems have been upgraded after 20 years of service and have got a new life. The ships are now sailing with new top end electronics and monitoring computers. Original sensor installations may be kept as installed in tanks.


KROHNE Marine have long experience in complete retrofit jobs. We are able to offer complete solutions including all necessary work. To save costs, we work closely with the ship’s crew to find the most effective solutions for installation and work. We have successfully upgraded and retrofitted numerous vessels.  

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