Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry


Custody transfer measurement of marine fuels

  • Billing of the supplied bunker fuels according to MID MI-005
  • Mass flow measurement of diesel and fuel oil with different viscosities
  • Space-saving installation with dual measuring tube in straight tube design

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Mass flow measurement of crude oil products

  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Bulk mass flow measurement

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Nominal volume flow measurements in offshore operations on production platforms

  • Volume flow, temperature and pressure measurements with a measuring device
  • Simple installation with 2-wire connection technology
  • Problem-free replacement for previously deployed measuring devices

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Flow measurements for sample dosing in process analysers for the petrochemical industry

  • Dosing highly viscous products with no electrical conductivity
  • Flow monitoring to detect leaks and blockages
  • Precision dosing of sample flow using integrated needle valve

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