Oil and gas in good hands

Everything under control

Day for day vast quantities of oil and gas are transported across the globe, refined and transported further. Mature and foolproof technology is essential. But it is the control through instrumentation and visualisation that help make all these processes safe and reliable.

KROHNE is omnipresent

As a truly global player, we have a history of introducing innovations to this industry. Ultrasonic, electromagnetic, Coriolis flowmetering. Radar and TDR level interface and measurement and systems to interpret and communicate the measurements.

Custody Transfer Flow Metering Systems for Oil & Gas

Assurance for both parties

Knowing is better than believing. Custody transfer translates to hard cash.

KROHNE Oil & Gas offers integrated flow metering solutions from design and engineering up to start-up and commissioning. Not only do we take responsibility for the complete system but also for the primary element of the system; the flowmeter.

As part of the package we can provide complete integrated flow metering systems including instrumentation, piping, sampling systems, meter prover systems (for liquid applications), and supervisory control systems with control panels.  

Turnkey flow metering solutions for crude to refined products, LPG, LNG, CNG and all other liquid and gas products in the oil and gas industry.

Pipeline Leak Detection & Localisation Systems

When every second counts

In no time at all a leak can result in enormous costs - for losses and particularly clean-up. The answer is early warning with KROHNE's LDS (Leak Detection System) for all liquid and gas pipelines.

Time-tried ultrasonic flowmeters at measuring stations along the line are linked by dedicated, sophisticated software to our Leak Detection System and to the main DCS system.

In seconds you get a warning and localisation to within 1%. And we measure in buckets, not barrels.

Loading and Offloading Systems

Precision while changing carrier

  • Loading & offloading systems for ships, rail cars, trucks
  • Drum, container and vessel filling
  • Management of technical loading, batching and commercial processes
  • Also for EEx-zones
  • For custody transfer approved processes