Liquid Flowmeters – Liquid & Gas Flowmeters for Oil & Gas

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

25 Years ago KROHNE already pioneered inline ultrasonic flowmetering for liquid hydrocarbons. One of our first meters was installed in a Dutch refinery and is still operating to the full satisfaction of the customer. More than 35.000 ultrasonic sensors have been installed since then, showing reliable and trouble-free operation.

KROHNE, always at the forefront with innovations, was the first to introduce a multiple beam ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons.




Ultrasonic liquid flowmeter for custody transfer

  • Suitable for all flow regimes, no Reynolds limitation
  • Integrated gas detection
  • Significantly easier small volume proving



5-beam ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer of liquid hydrocarbons

  • Custody transfer accuracy and repeatability
  • Excellent long-term stability and high reliability; no on-site calibration required
  • Multi-product with wide viscosity range, from LNG to heavy crudes



5-Beam ultrasonic flow meter for custody transfer of LNG

  • The successor to shore tank and ship tank inventory measurement.
  • Provides guaranteed 0.2% OIML-approved accuracy for true custody transfer independent of external influences such as tank geometry, strapping tables, or ambient conditions.
  • Automatic LNG flow detection for accurate flow measurement of billable product
  • Cryogenic design for highest available accuracy 



With the launch of ALTOSONIC III, KROHNE extended its range of ultrasonic flowmeters for custody transfer and now also offers a cost effective solution for single product applications with light crude oils and refined products.  more




Based on over 30 years of experience in ultrasonic flow metering and ongoing in-house R&D, KROHNE developed a truly universal ultrasonic flow meter for process applications in the oil and gas industry.  Excellent performance, easy engineering, installation and operation for a competitive price. more

Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

OPTIMASS the new family of Coriolis mass flowmeters is now improving performance in more applications for more customers than ever before with single straight measuring tube. OPTIMASS 7000 is available with pattern approval to OIML R117 for volume and mass flow measurements. more

Electromagnetic flowmeters

OPTIFLUX electromagnetic flowmeters, are widely applied on offshore platforms for monitoring produced water and water injection. more

Variable Area Flowmeters

KROHNE variable area flowmeters operating on the float principle are suitable for measuring both liquids and gases in offshore and petrochemical applications. This method is inexpensive yet accurate and reliable. more