Magnetic Resonance Flowmeter M-PHASE 5000

Magnetic resonance multiphase flowmeter for the simultaneous measurement of oil, gas and water

Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flowmeter M-PHASE 5000
  • Single measurement principle, no radioactive source
  • Fully automated inline fluid characterisation
  • Large dynamic range up to 1:60, full bore design
  • Enhanced reservoir management

With the introduction of the M-PHASE 5000, KROHNE brings cutting-edge science to flowmeter design which delivers tangible economic advantage to our oil and gas customers.

Magnetic resonance makes use of a fundamental property of atoms and in effect makes it possible to “count” hydrogen atoms. Since oil, gas and water all contain hydrogen atoms, multiphase flow can be measured using magnetic resonance. For this purpose the fluids are magnetised and subsequently excited by radio frequency pulses. The hydrogen atoms respond to the pulses and send back echoes which are recorded. The amplitude of the echoes and the rate at which they decay is used to calculate the flow rates. The difference in magnetic resonance properties allows making a distinction between the flowrates of oil, gas and water.


  • Full bore design; low pressure drop and low wear
  • Liquid measurement insensitive to sand, scale, wax and fouling
  • Suited for high water liquid ratios (up to 100%)


  • Upstream oil and gas industry


  • Well testing
  • Production optimisation
  • Flow assurance
  • Production allocation
  • Continuous monitoring of well performance
  • Flow measurements even at high water liquid ratios


Magnetic Resonance Technology –
A New Concept for Multiphase Flow Measurement

(31st International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop)

This paper describes a magnetic resonance based multiphase flow meter. During the last decades, magnetic resonance technology has enabled many industrial applications.

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Magnetic Resonance Multiphase Flow Meter: Gas Flow Measurement Principle and
Wide Range Testing Results

(32nd International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop)

This paper describes the principle of quantifying the gas fraction during multi-phase flow using the Magnetic Resonance (MR) based multiphase flow meter and provides experimental results obtained during the testing phase of the meter.

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