Process Analysis – OPTISYS TUR 1050 Compact measuring system for turbidity

Turbidity measuring system with innovative cuvette technology

OPTISYS TUR 1050 Turbidity measuring system
    • Measurement according to ISO 7027 / US EPA 180
    • Simple calibration with reusable liquid calibration standards
    • Minimum maintenance due to automatic ultrasonic cleaning system

    The compact turbidity measuring system OPTISYS TUR 1050 uses the 90° scattered light method to scan liquid samples in glass cuvettes. This means that the measurement optics are not directly exposed to the sample and thus require less maintenance.

    Because the measuring cuvette can be simply and quickly replaced by standard cuvettes of known turbidity, a recalibration is possible within a few minutes. Another feature is the automatic ultrasonic cleaning function which removes deposits from the cuvette wall and and lengthens service intervals in this way.


    • 90° scattered light method according to ISO 7027 / US EPA 18
    • Measuring range: 0…100 NTU/FNU (0…1000 NTU/FNU optional)
    • Rapid response time due to small measurement volume
    • Simple calibration with reusable liquid calibration standards
    • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning to prevent mineral deposits
    • Compact, space-saving design
    • Integrated shut-off valve for maintenance work
    • Optimal back pressure setting to avoid gas bubbles through integrated outlet valve
    • Active current output / 2 alarm relays
    • RS 485 / Modbus interface


    • Potable water treatment
    • Water supply
    • Process industry


      • Monitoring the potable water quality
      • Filter monitoring
      • Monitoring of contamination