Signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters

IFC 100 Signal converter for electromagnetic flowmeters
  • Extended accuracy option
  • Diagnostics of device and application
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas

The IFC 100 electromagnetic signal converter combines an attractive price with a wide range of features and benefits including an excellent measuring accuracy. The signal converter is compatible with almost any flow sensor in the OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX range.

The signal converter converter supplies the current required by two field coils to generate a magnetic field. It converts the flow proportional signal voltage into digital values and filters out noise and interference signals. From the filtered signal, the flow velocity, the volume flow and the mass flow are calculated.

The IFC 100 signal converter provides a large variety of flowmeter and process diagnostic functions guaranteeing reliable measurements. Detection of deposits or coating on the electrodes, temperature and conductivity changes in the medium, gas bubbles or solids, and an empty pipe are good examples of process diagnostics functions.

The flow velocity and volume can be read from the display or in analogue form via the current output (4...20 mA) as well as by frequency, pulse and status outputs. Measuring values and diagnostic information can be transmitted via interfaces including HART®, RS485 Modbus, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus.


  • For operation with a wide range of OPTIFLUX and WATERFLUX flow sensors
  • For flow sensors over a diameter range from DN2.5 up to DN1200
  • Housing in aluminium with a polyester topcoat or in stainless steel (option)
  • Tropicalized electronics to protect it from humidity (option)
  • Available outputs: 4...20 mA current output, pulse/frequency output, status output/limit switch and Ex i I/O (option)
  • HART® as standard
  • Communication to third party systems via Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus PA/DP or Modbus
  • Control input option
  • Power supply via 100…230 VAC (standard) or 24 VDC or 24 VAC/DC (optional)
  • Clearly readable values due to angle of the signal converter housing which prevents dirt and dust on the display
  • Extended calibration option for higher measuring accuracy down to 0.2% of the measuring value
  • Excellent price/performance ratio


  • Machinery
  • Water & Wastewater
  • HVAC, energy management
  • Chemical
  • Food and Beverages
  • Metals and Mining


  • Flow in electrically conductive mediums with a minimum conductivity of 5 μS/cm
  • Water flow measurements in a wide range of industries
  • Water based chemicals
  • Sludge and slurries
  • Sanitary applications and (HoCIP, SIP) liquid food & beverages