Electromagnetic flowmeter for nuclear applications

  • Designed and tested for industrial nuclear environments
  • With resistant ETFE or PFA liner materials
  • Flange: DN25…1000 / 1…40"
  • 3 x 4…20 mA, HART®, Modbus, FF, Profibus-PA/DP, PROFINET

POWERFLUX 4300 C – Compact version

POWERFLUX 4300 C Electromagnetic flowmeter – Compact version

The POWERFLUX 4300 is an electromagnetic flowmeter specifically designed for applications with electrically conductive liquids in the nuclear industry. It comes with a compact or remote digital signal converter and a radiation hardened sensor. The sensor features a chemically resistant PFA or ETFE liner material. All construction materials of the flowmeter are selected and tested to meet the high demands of the nuclear industry. This way, the rugged flowmeter withstands the most hostile and demanding environments of nuclear applications (e.g. with borated water). The flowmeter offers extensive diagnostics for maximum reliability and comes with various digital communication options.

Product highlights

  • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turn down ratio: 1000:1)
  • Combination of a radiation hardened sensor and a digital signal converter
  • Full bore design: robust, fully welded construction
  • With chemically resistant PFA or ETFE liner material
  • Withstands most aggressive and abrasive fluids
  • Fully vacuum-resistant
  • Stainless steel housing
  • High reliability thanks to standard integrated diagnostics

Typical applications

Nuclear industry

  • Cooling water
  • Transport water
  • Borated water
  • Spent resin

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