Ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer (CT) measurement in upstream and midstream applications

  • Multipath inline flowmeter for a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons
  • CT: OIML R117, MI-005, API, GOST etc.
  • Flange: 4…24"; max. ASME Cl 1500
  • -200…+250°C / -328…+482°F


ALTOSONIC V Ultrasonic flowmeter

The ALTOSONIC V is a multipath ultrasonic flowmeter for a wide range of liquid hydrocarbons with different viscosities – from low viscosity fluids to heavy crudes (up to 1500 cSt). It has established itself as the standard in multipath custody transfer flow metering. The absence of obstructions or moving parts in the pipe ensures that there is no wear or pressure loss. In combination with larger meter sizes, this allows simplified configuration of metering systems. No strainers and less parallel lines are required.

The ALTOSONIC V provides maintenance-free operation. Periodic recalibration that would require additional equipment and corresponding procedures is not necessary. This all results in considerable cost savings in both capital (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX).

Product highlights

  • Bi-directional flow measurement over a wide dynamic range (turndown ratio: 50:1)
  • Independent of external influences (tank geometry, strapping tables, ambient conditions)
  • Certified viscosity range up to 1500 cSt
  • Extensive sensor and process diagnostics, integrated processor
  • No periodical maintenance or recalibration needed
  • No moving parts, no wear, no pressure loss

Typical applications


  • Fiscal metering / custody transfer in upstream and midstream applications
  • As part of a pipeline leak detection system

Oil and gas industry

  • FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) units
  • Allocation metering
  • Ship loading and offloading applications
  • Loading and offloading terminals
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Pipeline metering (crude oil, multi-product)
  • Product identification
  • Measurement of all types of refined products, cryogenic media (LNG)

Chemical and other process industries

  • Liquid hydrocarbons
  • Biofuels
  • Batching
  • Truck and ship loading

Conventional power industry

  • Cooling water
  • Condensate
  • Boiler feed water