Ultrasonic liquid flowmeter for high temperature (HT) and high pressure (HP)

OPTISONIC 4400 HT + OPTISONIC 4400 HP with UFC 400
  • Accurate and repeatable measurement; long lasting and robust industrial design
  • Efficient foil wave guide technology
  • Dual, parallel acoustic paths

As the successor of the UFM 530 HT/HP, with many proven-in-use installations, KROHNE again broadens your horizon with the OPTISONIC 4400 that solves flow measurement problems by applying ultrasonic differential transit time technology.

This flow meter consists of an OPTISONIC 4000 flow sensor and an UFC 400 signal converter. The OPTISONIC 4400 flow meter can be supplied as compact – or remote version. A wide range of flow sensors is available to address market demands for measuring flow at harsh process conditions. 


  • Advanced signal converter including enhanced diagnostics
  • Full bore, unobstructed sensor tube, without pressure loss and without moving parts
  • Accurate bi-directional flow measurement
  • Dual parallel paths
  • Chemical resistance
  • Full rating designs


  • Petrochemical and refinery units
    - Vacuum distillation unit
    - Visbreaking or coker unit
  • Oil & Gas
    - Well injection
    - Oil transportation
    - Water/steam injection
  • Energy and power plants
    - Heat transfer circuits
    - Boiler feed water
    - Solar fields
    - Solar tower receiver
    - Thermal energy storage


  • Conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • Volume and mass flow
  • Multiple products and rapidly changing feed
  • Heavy bottoms / main column bottoms
  • Vacuum residues
  • Coker feed
  • Quench oil
  • Synthetic thermal oil
  • Molten salt