H250H / H250U

Examples of application-specific variants

Designs for special installation positions (H250H / H250U)

Variable area flowmeters-generally feature a vertically positioned measuring cone through which the medium flows from bottom to top, raising a float against the weight.

If the installation structure does not permit it otherwise, the versions H250H for horizontal or H250U for reverse installation position (from top to bottom) are used. The reset force lacking in the weight of the float is replaced by a tongue.

PTFE/ceramic liner

PTFE/ceramic liner for aggressive media
All components coming into contact with the medium can also be made of ceramic or PTFE, which means they can be used for virtually all acids and alkalis.

  • Process temperature
  • Tmax = 70°C (PTFE)
  • Process temperature
  • Tmax = 250°C (ceramic)
  • Accuracy 2.5 % of measured value acc. VDI/VDE 3513-2 (qG=50%)

High temperature version H250/HT
For applications with extremely high process temperatures up to 400°C or extremely low temperatures down to -200°C, the HT variants featuring a remote display can be used.

The increased distance between the measuring tube and the display also facilitates the insulation of the measuring tube. 


Stainless steel indicator housing (H250/M9R)
For particularly rough environmental conditions, the M9 indicator housing is optionally available in stainless steel. This guarantees its reliable use in corrosive atmospheres caused by operational immissions. When installed outdoors, external influences such as salt fog or contaminated precipitation no longer lead to corrosion. The stainless steel housing is equally well-suited for use in  splash water zones such as in the food and luxury food industry.

At KROHNE, it is the modular design on the one hand and the flexible production structure on the other that form the basis for application and customer-related special variants

From universal to one-of-a-kind: The H250 variable area flowmeters from KROHNE have the entire range of requirements in the process industry covered.