Onboard tank monitoring and alarm system for seagoing vessels

  • Readings from all tanks and lines: ullage/level, volume, cargo density and pressure, tank temperature etc.
  • Fits all vessel sizes
  • Instrumentation, software and full scope of supply from engineering to documentation and commissioning
  • Optional integration into other systems



CARGOMASTER® is a complete system for tank monitoring that has been at the technical forefront of the market since 1979. The system includes the system software and instrumentation adapted to the customer’s individual vessel applications as well as engineering, drawings, documentation and commissioning. This way, the CARGOMASTER® system provides readings from all tanks onboard in a state-of-the-art and user-friendly graphical interface.

Combined with the high precision OPTIWAVE 8300 C Marine cargo level radar, CARGOMASTER® offers unique benefits for tanker operators. In addition to tank monitoring, the system enables the monitoring of pumps and cargo lines as well as integration into other systems onboard. CARGOMASTER® can be installed on all kinds of vessels, from the smallest product tankers to the most complex chemical tankers and large VLCCs.

Product highlights

  • Complete solution with application-specific software on standard marine computers
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Multiple configurations possible for full redundancy and distribution of information
  • Can be easily interfaced to ship automation systems, vessel management systems, loading calculators etc.
  • Can be combined with onboard valve & pump management and control system for integrated liquid cargo control of tankers
  • Extensive reporting functions

Typical applications

Marine industry

  • Tankers and barges
  • Supply and AHT ships
  • Bulkers
  • Container ships
  • Cruise ships and ferries
  • Heavy lift vessels
  • Drilling rigs
  • FSUs

Download Center

  • Technical datasheets and handbooks
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Certificates and approvals
  • Software and driver
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