Resistance (RTD) temperature assembly for higher flow velocities and pressures

  • Flange connection
  • ASME-style, barstock thermowell with tapered tip
  • -40…+600°C / +1100°F

OPTITEMP TRA-TF56 – Standard version

Resistance (RTD) temperature assembly OPTITEMP TRA-TF56 – Standard version

The OPTITEMP TRA-TF56 is a flanged RTD sensor assembly with a tapered barstock thermowell. The temperature assembly for advanced requirements is used when the strength of welded multipart thermowells is not sufficient and a high mechanical stress resistance of the thermowell is required. It is therefore particularly suitable for temperature measurement in pipes, tanks or reactors at higher flow velocities and pressures (e.g. in the petrochemical or oil and gas industry). The RTD is designed to operate up to +600°C / +1100°F. The particular advantage of this sensor type is that its wetted parts can be coated (e.g. with PTFE), making it resistant to aggressive media.

The OPTITEMP TRA-TF56 features a modular design with a threaded neck tube that can be exchanged easily, even under operating conditions. This makes the temperature assembly very flexible. If it has been damaged from the outside, servicing can be carried out without process shut down. The resistance temperature device can be combined with most thermowells. It is available with ATEX and IECEx approvals.

Product highlights

  • Temperature measurement of solids, liquids, gases and steam
  • Modular design: Flexible union neck tube or threaded DIN neck tube for easy exchange under operating conditions
  • Thermowell material: 1.4404 / 316L
  • Chemically resistant PTFE or similar coating for all wetted parts available
  • Temperature range: -40…+600°C /+1100°F
  • Standard or customised lengths
  • Different connection heads available (IP54…IP68)
  • With optional temperature transmitter
  • Available as intrinsically safe (Ex i) and flameproof (Ex d): ATEX, IECEx

Typical applications

  • Applications with advanced requirements
  • Temperature measurement of media requiring high mechanical stress resistance
  • Suitable for applications where assemblies complying with ANSI standards are required
  • Primarily used in the petrochemical industry, the oil and gas industry as well as in industries such as:
    • Power generation
    • Machinery and apparatus / OEM
    • Iron and steel
    • Pulp and paper

Technical data

Measurement principlesResistance (RTD)
Measured mediaGases, Liquids, Solids, Steam
Measuring pointPipe
Measuring insert typeReplaceable spring loaded mineral isolated measuring insert OPTITEMP TR 100
Measuring insert replaceableYes
RTD element type1 x Pt100, 2 x Pt100
RTD configuration2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire
Temperature sensor connection type optionCeramic terminal block, Flying wires, Temperature transmitter
Assembly with thermowellYes
Temperature assembly designASME-style
Thermowell tip designTapered
Thermowell typeBarstock
Thermowell diametersØ22 mm / 0.87", Ø25 mm / 0.98"
Pressure ratingsEN (1092-1): PN40
ASME (B 16.5): Cl 300#


Certificates/Approvals ExATEX, IECEx

Process connections

Flange connectionsEN (1092-1): DN25…50
ASME (B 16.5): 1…2"