Thermocouple (TC) cable sensor for machinery and high temperature applications

  • Compression fitting connection
  • Mineral insulated, with connection head type BA, available with various sheath materials
  • -40…+1250°C / +2282°F

OPTITEMP TCA-M40 – Standard version

Thermocouple (TC) cable sensor OPTITEMP TCA-M40 – Standard version

The OPTITEMP TCA-M40 is a mineral insulated (MI) thermocouple with a connection head type BA. The MI cable sensor is particularly suitable for applications where the temperature of the environment exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of standard cable material (e.g. in test bench applications). The MI cable can be easily formed to fit into limited spaces. Its small diameter makes it perfect to provide fast response times.

The OPTITEMP TCA-M40 is mechanically and thermally very stable. It is available with thermocouple type J, K or N, single (standard) or double (optional), according to IEC 60584 class 1. The connecting wires are colour coded according to IEC 60584. The measuring point can be ordered as isolated (standard) or grounded (optional). The MI thermocouple sensor is best used for measuring high process temperatures of gases and liquids (up to +1250°C / +2282°F), at low to medium pressures and flow velocities.

Product highlights

  • High temperature measurement in limited spaces
  • Flexible and hand formable MI cable sensor
  • Mechanically and thermally stable
  • Designed for fast response times
  • Connection head BA (IP65) available with optional head-mounted transmitter
  • Sheath material: 1.4841 / AISI 310, 2.4816 / Alloy 600 or Pyrosil®
  • Suitable for installation where a connection terminal already exists
  • Tolerance class 1 according to IEC 60584-2 as standard
  • Measuring point isolated or grounded

Typical applications

  • High temperature applications requiring fast response times
  • Temperature measurement of gases and liquids, at low to medium pressures and flow velocities
  • For use where the ambient temperature exceeds the maximum allowable temperature of standard cable material
  • Applications in machinery housings, bearings, open channels, flames or on surfaces
  • For a wide range of other applications with limited spaces in almost all industries such as:
    • Plant engineering
    • Machinery and apparatus / OEM

Product details

Alternative product categoriesTC cable probe, Thermocouple cable probe

Technical data

Measurement principlesThermocouple (TC)
Measured mediaGases, Liquids
Measuring pointMachinery, Pipe, Tank
Measuring insert typeNon-replaceable TC
Measuring insert replaceableNo
Thermocouple (TC) configuration1 x Type J, 1 x Type K, 1 x Type N, 2 x Type J, 2 x Type K, 2 x Type N
Temperature sensor connection type optionCeramic terminal block
Sheath diametersØ1 mm /0.05", Ø1.5 mm / 0.06", Ø3 mm / 0.1", Ø4.5 mm / 0.18", Ø6 mm / 0.23"
Process temperature-40…1250°C/


Process connections

Compression fittingsMale:
G1/8, G1/4, G1/2