KRL 70

Radioline gateway for continuous data transfer

  • Modbus, 4 digital and 4 analogue inputs and outputs
  • Licence-free radio: range of up to 20 km / 12.4 mi (per station point-to-point)
  • Mains powered and pre-wired system in waterproof boxes (IP68); with modular extension option
  • For infrastructure applications with large networks (up to 250 stations)

KRL 70 Radioline gateway

KRL 70 Radioline gateway

KRL 70 is a licence-free transmission system (Radioline) for remote transfer of data in infrastructure applications. The solution offers wireless signal transmission of measuring values for flow, level, pressure, temperature, analytical and other devices via an external power-operated license-free radio modem. It transmits serial data (Modbus RTU), digital and analogue signals (0/4…20 mA) as well as digital pulses. The transmission range of the radio system is up to 20 km / 12 mi from one station to another. The range can be extended by the use of intervening stations as each station amplifies the signal to the control panel as a repeater.

The system is basically available as a pre-wired complete solution featuring wireless modules and I/O modules in waterproof boxes (IP68). For connecting several measuring devices, the multifunctional solution can also be put together as a customized package with a desired number of I/O modules. Latest encryption standards provide data security.

Product highlights

  • For large networks (of up to 250 stations) and distances (of up to 20 km / 12.4 mi point-to-point)
  • Enables various network structures: from a simple point-to-point connection to complex networks
  • Universal use:
    • I/O-to-I/O
    • I/O & Modbus RTU to Modbus RTU PLCs
    • I/O integration in Modbus RTU PLCs
    • Serial cable replacement RS 232/485
  • Can be extended with up to 32 I/O modules
  • Easy module replacement even during operation (hot swap)
  • License-free 868 MHz (900 MHz USA) frequency band
  • Configurable data rates of data transmission interface
  • Easy startup of wireless systems – by simply turning the thumbwheel, without any programming
  • Hazrdous area approvals

Typical applications

  • Data transmission for flow, level, pressure, temperature or analytical measurements in large systems and networks, e.g.:
    • Wireless data transmission in district metering applications with water meter (WATERFLUX)
    • Wireless data transmission of pH and free chlorine measurement values (in combination with OPTISYS CL 1100 disinfectant measuring system) or other analytical measurement values (e.g. conductivity)


I/O extension module RAD-DI4-IFS
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I/O extension module

  • 4 digital inputs (0...250 V AC/DC)
  • Flexibly extendable and easily replaceable
  • Channel-to-channel electrical isolation
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I/O extension module RAD-AI4-IFS
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I/O extension module

  • 4 analog current inputs (0/4...20 mA)
  • Flexibly extendable and easily replaceable
  • Channel-to-channel electrical isolation
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Wireless module RAD-868-IFS
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Wireless module

  • Global RF technology: 900 MHz, 868 MHz license-free ISM band
  • High degree of reliability due to Trusted WirelessTM 2.0 technology
  • Serial interface (RS 232/485)
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