Start-up & commissioning for pipeline management

Service support during the initiation of projects and implementation in the field

  • Consultancy during the implementation of projects
  • On-site commissioning services
  • Assurance of smooth and continuous operation in the field
  • Training of staff before system implementation

Start-up & commissioning for pipeline management

Service support during the initiation of projects and implementation in the field

  • Consultancy during the implementation of projects
  • On-site commissioning services
  • Assurance of smooth and continuous operation in the field
  • Training of staff before system implementation


Implementing a pipeline project can be complex and expensive, and requires consistency and expertise throughout, from the initial kick-off meeting to the final commissioning. Professional consultancy input from an experienced partner is highly valuable. Based on over 30 years of experience in pipeline management and leak detection projects KROHNE offers design, start-up & commissioning services to guarantee smooth and continuous operation in the field. We take over responsibility for the whole project lifecycle: from planning through to final commissioning.

KROHNE offers a wide range of services to make a trouble-free implementation possible. Project management is performed according to ISO 9001 during all phases of the project including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Integrated Factory Acceptance Tests (IFAT), Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) and Performance Acceptance Tests (PAT). Our expert engineers ensure that communication between all systems from the field to the control room are set up correctly and take care of the installation and wiring of the hardware equipment.

With the increasing complexity of pipeline systems, in-depth training and involvement of operations, engineering and maintenance personnel becomes a crucial factor in reliable and safe pipeline management. KROHNE offers a variety of formal training, from the basic introduction of leak detection principles to pre-familiarisation and configuration training. This enables operators to build their own team for pipeline management and enables them to proceed with any system changes independently.

Product features and options depend on device configuration: Contact us to make sure that your preferred functionality can be combined in one device.

  • Project management (acc. To ISO 9001)
  • Kick-off meetings
  • Inspection of instrumentation and communication from the field to the control room
  • Documentation from basic engineering to detailed design documents
  • Installation and wiring of hardware equipment
  • Operator, engineer and maintenance training and workshops

Related solutions

PipePatrol Leak Detection

Solution for pipeline leak detection and localisation

  • E-RTTM (Extended Real Time Transient Model) based leak detection and localisation
  • Highly accurate and extremely reliable leak information
  • Meets API 1130, API 1175, AB 864, German TRFL standards and CSA Z662
  • System is either independent, or can be integrated with existing systems

PipePatrol Theft Detection

Solution for product theft detection

  • Fast and reliable identification and localisation of unauthorised or illegal product discharges
  • Dedicated theft pattern recognition for product theft detection
  • Initiation of alarms within minutes to stop theft in the act

PipePatrol Line Break Detection

Solution for pipeline rupture detection

  • Efficient and instant detection of pipeline ruptures, especially for high consequence areas
  • Pipeline rupture pattern recognition system for automatic emergency shutdown
  • Reliable and fast acting response systems and procedures to minimise environmental effects and danger

PipePatrol Predictive Modeling

Solution for prediction of pipeline conditions

  • Simulation tool to predict pipeline conditions from current operating and manually definable static data
  • Forecast future events and states of pipelines

PipePatrol Batch Tracking

Solution for batch and interface tracking in multi-product pipelines

  • Determination of the position of a batched product and identifying the mixing zone
  • Predictions for arrival times and amounts of pure product available
  • Safe operation and optimum capacity use of the pipeline

PipePatrol Tightness Monitoring

Solution for detection of small and gradual leaks

  • Detection of gradual leaks using standard pressure and temperature instrumentation
  • Continuous and automatic reporting according to regulatory requirements
  • Avoid negative effects on normal pipeline operation

PipePatrol Stress Monitoring

Solution for monitoring of pipeline lifetime stress

  • Evaluation and documentation of lifetime stress
  • Assessment of the remaining pipeline service life
  • Monitoring of pressure measurements at sensor points

PipePatrol Pump Monitoring

Control cabinet solution for monitoring of pumps and motors

  • Monitoring of the essential mechanical, electrical, and hydrodynamic measurement values
  • Reduction of the operational energy consumption through demand-oriented system management

PipePatrol Cyber Security

Cyber security solution for pipeline management

  • Complementing solutions for pipeline monitoring and protection
  • Protection against cyber risks
  • Secure communication, fulfilling the latest standards

PipePatrol Data acquisition

Data transmission solution for pipelines

  • Reliable systems for data acquisition and transmission and components for data encryption
  • Particularly safe communication, fulfilling the latest safety standards

Related services

Consultancy & engineering for pipeline management

From operation and design of pipelines, through to certification

  • Design of safe and reliable pipeline systems
  • Consultancy during the whole project lifecycle by experienced pipeline management experts
  • Support in the selection of the right technology and instrumentation
  • Support of certification according to legal requirements

System calibration & validation for pipeline management

Optimisation to operating conditions and achieving full performance

  • Calibration of pipeline protection and monitoring systems
  • Adjustments according to the application requirements to increase sensitivity and enable the accurate identification of pipeline incidents
  • System validation according to effectiveness and certification

Operation & maintenance for pipeline management

Support for the protection and efficient operation of pipelines

  • Identification of irregular behaviour in pipeline operation on site or via remote access
  • Swift response to leak or theft events enabled by emergency support systems
  • Inspection and maintenance to increase system life cycle

Training for pipeline management

Seminars and workshops on pipeline protection and monitoring systems

  • In-depth training of operational, engineering and maintenance personnel
  • From web-based eLearning to extensive on-site workshops
  • Customised to suit the specific requirements of the operator and the application