Provers and master meters

Verification of measurement results with lowest possible uncertainty

  • Solutions for on-site proving of custody transfer metering systems
  • Fully traceable to national and international metrology standards
  • Suitable for ISO 17025 accredited calibration systems
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Ball provers

Standalone or fully integrated prover solution

  • Engineered solutions optimised for the customer processes
  • Stand alone or integrated into the metering skid
  • Uni- and bi-directional, with diameters from 3" to 36"

Mobile provers

On-site master metering solution

  • On-site meter verification against a mobile master meter
  • Cost effective solution due to sharing between different locations
  • Lowest measurement uncertainty by periodic verification of prover against national and international standards
  • Engineered prover solution optimised for specific applications

Calibration runs and skids

Calibration solution for liquids and gases

  • Comparable systems to those used during the manufacture of KROHNE flowmeters
  • Flexible concept, with a design tailored to the requested application range of the flow control
  • ISO 17025 and metrological certified