Sampling and analyser systems

Measurement of product quality, water content and calorific value

  • Fully automatic analyser systems combining multiple quality measurements
  • In-line, fast-loop (with or without jet-mixing) and portable sampling systems
  • Completely assembled, configured and tested before shipment


2 solutions

Sampling systems

Automatic sampling solution for liquid hydrocarbons

  • Sampling systems for stand-alone use, or integrated into the flow metering systems
  • In-house design, manufacturing, commissioning and testing
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipping
  • Engineered solution to meet any special project specifications

Analyser houses and shelters

Analyser solution for crude oil, refined products and natural gas

  • Quality measurements of crude oil, refined products and natural gas
  • Supplied with new metering systems, or as a stand-alone upgrade to existing systems
  • Engineered solutions based on customer preferred brands