Bespoke safety packages for flowmeters

Safety testing expertise for flow measurement of phosgene, oxygen and other hazardous media


Particularly toxic or dangerous gases such as phosgene or oxygen require the strictest safety requirements when it comes to flowmeter design and manufacturing. They not only call for the right wetted material but also for special pre-delivery non-destructive testing procedures. With leakages having massive consequences, failure is not an option.


KROHNE offers custom-made safety testing packages for ultrasonic, variable area, Vortex, Coriolis and other flowmeter types on request. These packages can be carried out in accordance with approved inspection and test plans, covering all relevant aspects, e.g. wetted materials, special weld seam leakage tests, x-ray tests, burst pressure tests, dye-penetration tests, etc.

Safety benefits

  • Special non-destructive testing procedures for the highest level of occupational and process safety in applications with toxic and dangerous media

  • Safety packages based on established KROHNE expertise for phosgene and oxygen handling, other packages (e.g. hydrogen) on request

  • Following customer-approved inspection and test plans

  • Including special testing of wetted materials, weld seam inspections, burst pressure testing, etc.

  • Dedicated welding procedures

  • KROHNE testing packages for various line sizes and flowmeter types (e.g. ultrasonic, Vortex, Coriolis, VA flowmeters, etc.)

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