Continuous float monitoring (CFM) in VA flowmeters

Enhanced application diagnostics for increased process reliability


Float blockages caused by dirt or pressure bumps as well as compressional vibrations from gas or intermittent flows can have a severe impact on variable area (VA) flow measurement and the lifetime of a VA flowmeter.


The H250 M40 variable area flowmeter offers additional application diagnostics as well as device diagnostics to increase application reliability. The new CFM function monitor the motion pattern of the float using innovative software algorithms. Corrective measures can thus be taken to improve flowmeter accuracy and service life.

Safety benefits

  • Float blockages due to dirt and pressure bumps reliably detected 

  • Detection of compressional vibrations of float in gas measurements

  • Monitoring float issues related to pulsating flows in liquid measurements caused by displacement pumps

  • Identifying incorrectly fitted floats after maintenance

  • Advanced diagnostics to take corrective measures for process optimisation

  • Notification alerts can be classified from purely informative to device errors with failure current output (acc. to NAMUR NE107)

  • The intelligent modularity of the H250 M40 allows a functional upgrade of existing devices with CFM in the field

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Continuous float monitoring

Countinuous Float Monotoring (CFM)
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