In-situ calibration of temperature sensors

On-site calibration functionality without sensor removal


Temperature sensors age. Subjected to certain stress, they can suffer from drift of a few degrees over time. To maintain their initial accuracy in the long term, temperature sensors require frequent recalibration. This is a time-consuming effort as the sensors need to be removed from the process. Dismounting and reinstallation may also damage them, affecting process safety in the end.


OPTITEMP temperature sensors with in-situ calibration functionality allow for a calibration under process conditions using a calibrated reference sensor that is plugged into the installed sensor on-site to determine the measurement deviation. This makes calibration more efficient and accurate while minimising the risk of sensor errors and damages.

Safety benefits

  • Increased process safety due to accurate in-situ calibration of temperature sensors at given process conditions in the field

  • Less maintenance and increased plant uptime: No need to remove the temperature sensor from the process, calibration possible at any time 

  • Reduced workload: In-situ calibration with reference sensor takes just 2-3 minutes

  • High process and equipment safety: Reduced potential for sensor damage as there is no installation/dismounting necessary

  • More accurate and less prone to error: in-situ calibration is done under real process conditions

  • All relevant parts incl. measuring insert, transmitter, wiring are considered

  • Measurement uncertainty is reduced to a minimum by adjusting the temperature transmitter or electronics accordingly 

  • Cost-effective and comfortable alternative to conventional calibration procedures with expensive temperature calibrators or calibration baths

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Safety aspects and solutions in temperature measurement

15th Sept '23

Temperature sensors in hazardous areas, in-situ calibration, parameterisation via NFC​

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