Total 3D linearisation of DP transmitters

Maintaining safe process conditions with active compensation of varying operating conditions in real processes


Once commissioned, differential pressure transmitters usually need to be readjusted at regular intervals to ensure long-term stable measurement under changing process conditions.


During factory calibration, the KROHNE DP transmitters are 3D linearised in all three dimensions – differential pressure, ambient temperature and static pressure – ensuring a long-term, stable, robust and accurate differential pressure measurement under all process conditions.

Safety benefits

  • Increased safety, reliability and long-term stability due to total 3D linearisation

  • 3D linearised DP transmitters consider differential pressure, DP sensor temperature and static pressure in all combinations

  • Impact of fluctuating conditions on measurement uncertainty minimised

  • OPTIBAR DP transmitters with integrated absolute pressure sensor and full 3D linearisation cause no drift even with frequently changing line pressures

  • Time-consuming calibrations for commissioning are reduced, no regular readjustments needed

  • Extended intervals for recalibration reduce operating costs in the long run

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Total 3D Linearisation
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Differential pressure transmitter for general flow, level and differential pressure applications


Differential pressure transmitter for flow, level, differential pressure, density and interface measurements