Ceramic measuring tubes for electromagnetic flowmeters

Increased plant safety thanks to technically superior wetted material


Flow measurement of acids, alkaline solution and abrasive slurries bring a complex range of requirements that call for the right wetted material. Thermal shock, stress and strain, vacuum and high pressure and corrosion make conventional plastic liners reach their limits, with all consequences involved for plant safety, e.g. leakage.


By using oxide ceramic flow tubes, KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF) feature a technically superior material that is permanently resistant to corrosive and abrasive media, immune to temperature shocks and absolutely safe against gas discharge, leaks and vacuum. As a flanged meter version with short bolts, it is the only ceramic flow sensor able to mitigate the impact of heat on the equipment in the event of fires.

Safety benefits

  • Extremely high performance and high durability ceramic flow tubes

  • Dedicated sealing concept with the flange non-wetted,  enabling process safety

  • Very resistant to acids, e.g. even hot concentrated hydrochloric acid

  • High-resistance to abrasion

  • Increased fire safety:  Mitigation of heat effects on flanged ceramic sensor version as compared to sandwiched versions due to small bolts

  • Leak tight-design, 0 % porosity (important for aggressive, outgassing or toxic media) 

  • No cracks: fully vacuum resistant and high resistance to temperature shocks of up to
    120 K

  • Very high burst pressure/overload resistance

  • Adherence to the EU pressure equipment directive

  • EMF with ceramic flow tube and sintered cermet electrodes offer excellent long-term stability and accuracy for the highest application safety

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Using electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters) to improve plant safety

Using electromagnetic flowmeters (magmeters) to improve plant safety

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Abrasive applications with electromagnetic flowmeters

Ceramic durability
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