Pipeline Break Detection

Reliable detection of pipeline ruptures in high consequence areas


Pipeline rupture in high consequence areas (HCA) is of particular environmental concern. Minimising the environmental impact of line breaks on water resources and other ecological areas requires an immediate emergency pipeline shutdown.


The PipePatrol Line Break Detection system enables fast-acting response in the event of a pipeline rupture. Consisting of a local PLC with rupture pattern recognition, plus pressure transmitters for pressure drop measurement, the KROHNE system instantly raises an alarm and triggers an automatic emergency shut down by ESD valves.

Safety benefits

  • Reliable and fast acting response system to  minimise the environmental effect of line breaks 

  • Line break detection based on an intelligent system using a local PLC with rupture pattern recognition and pressure sensors

  • Initiates an automatic emergency shutdown

  • Can work autonomously or as part of a complete leak detection system

  • Self-learning feature for easy commissioning and tuning to the local pipeline operational conditions

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