Pipeline Safety

"By means of modern analysis and evaluation methods, today it is technically possible to detect a leak of only 3mm diameter in a pipeline of 30 km length and pinpoint down its location to only 200 m accuracy."

Daniel Vogt,
Head of Sales PipePatrol,
Pipeline Safety Expert

PipePatrol Suite – Smart monitoring and protection of your pipeline

In addition to functional safety, explosion protection or occupational safety, environmental protection is also an essential safety aspect in industrial applications. Protection against environmental destruction is closely linked to the integrity and safe operation of pipelines. Intelligent monitoring and protection systems for transport pipelines provide a comprehensive safety architecture for oil, gas, water and multi-product pipelines. The focus is on five aspects in particular: leak detection and localisation, theft detection, line break detection, tightness monitoring and cyber security.

26th Sep '23

Pipeline management solutions and leak detection for more safety

Current trends and challenges, technology advances, possibilities of modern pipeline management and leak detection​

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Pipeline Leak Detection and Localisation

Rapid reaction capabilities in case of pipeline leaks


Pipeline Break Detection

Reliable detection of pipeline ruptures in high consequence areas


Pipeline Theft Detection

Fast detection and localisation of illegal tapping


Pipeline Tightness Monitoring

Effective detection of small and gradual leaks


Cybersecurity for Pipelines

Protecting pipeline management against cyber risks