Pipeline Leak Detection and Localisation

Rapid reaction capabilities in case of pipeline leaks


Whether it be long-distance pipelines for oil and gas, pipelines for transportation of dangerous gases such as CO or cooling lines for critical infrastructures: in any case, leaks can have significant consequences – in terms of profitability and for the environment.


For highly accurate and extremely reliable leak information KROHNE provides PipePatrol Leak Detection solutions. Combining Extended Real Time Transient Modelling (E-RTTM) with a patented leak pattern recognition module, PipePatrol's fast and accurate detection of spontaneous or small creeping leaks. The System can e.g. detect a leak as small as 3mm in a 140 km fuel pipeline in less than 5 minutes and after a product loss of no more than 35 litres. The solution works at steady-state and transient pipeline conditions. 

Safety benefits

  • Effective hazard mitigation in the event of pipeline accidents 

  • The most sensitive and accurate internal leak detection system available

  • Outstanding reliability due to "Leak Pattern Recognition"

  • Continuous and robust monitoring during all pipeline operating conditions

  • For liquid, gas, water, hydrogen and multiproduct pipelines

  • Can be a completely independent solution or integrated into existing instrumentation and control systems

  • Meets national and international standards (TRFL, API 1117 and 1130, AB 865, CSA Z662, etc.)

  • Install base of more than 400 gas and liquid pipelines 

  • The only system that monitors 75 TRFL pipelines

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