Modern desalination processes for integrated water and power plants IWPP

Energy-efficient water purification for plant operation and third party supply

  • CT flowmeasurement for water intake and supply to 3rd party
  • Reliable instrumentation for highly corrosive thermal processes
  • Full solution supplier

Power plants which have no access to sweet river water or ground water need to gain water for plant operations from sea water. Sea water is available in large amounts but has a very high salinity of typically 35g/kg. The desalination processes, and the further treatment needed, is very costly, and the best suitable process varies according to the raw water quality and the availability of process heat. Three main processes for sea water desalination for power generation have been established: Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO), Multi-Effect-Distillation (MED) and Multi-Stage-Flash evaporation (MSF) - the last two make use of available process heat.

KROHNE can address all major process control instrumentation across the entire sea water desalination process. From the custody transfer measurement of raw-water to the analysis of demineralised boiler feedwater, to meet strict industry specs for conductivity, silica and dissolved oxygen. Industry specific solutions and products meet the particular requirements of the sea water desalination process like standards, materials, testing and documentation.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Power generation

Our Global Industry Division Power Generation serves beside KROHNE Nuclear all other thermoelectric power generation processes, from renewable and low carbon processes to fossil technologies and heat distribution. Our services range from supply of a single DP transmitter up to the complete execution of project packages - such as fully engineered metering solutions with coverage of all project phases, through to commissioning and training. A number of unique application specific products and solutions for the power generation market offer benefits for end users as well as for the EPC companies. With our international presence in more than 100 countries local support is available around the World.

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