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Flow measurement

Flowmeters, flow controllers and flow accessories

Process analytics

Sensors, systems, assemblies, transmitters and accessories for process analysis

Level measurement

Transmitters, switches, indicators and accessories for level measurement

Temperature measurement

Assemblies, sensors, transmitters and accessories for temperature measurement

Pressure measurement

Process instruments for pressure and differential pressure applications


For process instrumentation

Archived products

Archive for discontinued products

Smart flow control

Smart meter valves for decentralised control tasks without complex DCS-based control loops

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Equipping a filling machine with Coriolis mass flowmeters

Application Report | Food & Beverage

  • High filling accuracy at little or no conductivity
  • Filling of both carbonated and still liquids with a single filling machine
  • High level of repeatability, even in the case of variable quantities

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Welcome to KROHNE!

Your partner in process instrumentation since 1921, solving cross-industry challenges with our collaborative expertise. Learn more about our innovative measurement solutions and how we can take your industrial operations to the next level!

Safety solutions by KROHNE

To protect your employees and assets, we have made plant safety a key focus in the development of our instrumentation, drawing on our extensive experience and field-proven safety solutions.


Multifunctional smart flow control instrument: sensor, actuator and control function in one device

Unique instrumentation solutions for the optimisation of hydrogen applications

Flow & CT metering, leak detection, flow computing

Maximise your efficiency and process reliability across the entire LNG value chain

Leading measurement solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas

Looking for applications?

Find out where our instruments have successfully been used: Visit the KROHNE Applications library