Tool suite tailored to the needs of users and operators of KROHNE process instrumentation

As part of the KROHNE Services concept, myDevice collects a number of smart service tools for the complete lifecycle of a measuring point.

Easy, quick and safe commissioning

Smooth commissioning has always been a specialty of KROHNE devices – with myDevice, we’re taking it to a whole new level.

Step-by-step online video tutorials show you how to install, connect, parameterise and check the devices in the process.

Convenient start up of the device from the control room to set parameters, check and display measured values.

Wireless on-site commissioning and device parametrisation via secure Bluetooth® connection. Validate measured values and settings or start diagnostic functions that check that the device has been installed correctly.


Metering or control stations located far away? Check both: measured values and field device status information via mobile communication-based OPTICHECK Remote. Commissioning complete systems, such as water meters in drinking water networks, becomes a breeze.

All commissioning-related device assets such as manuals, handbooks and calibration certificates via a serial number or AutoID acc. to DIN SPEC 91406. Direct access from OPTICHECK Mobile, any Internet browser or via the PICK mobile app.


Effortless verification at the touch of a button

Whether you just want to check meter health, perform rapid troubleshooting or are required to provide a certificate, OPTICHECK tools supply reliable and verifiable current device status information based on the integrated diagnostic and selftest functions.

Internal verification can be performed at any time, during commissioning or during plant operation. The device does not have to be removed from the process – depending on verification level, essential verification aspects can even be carried out without the need to interrupt the measurement.

Fast verification on-site without interruption of measurement for the current status of hardware, software and measured values. Read the integrated diagnostics and review field device configuration. Thanks to the secure Bluetooth® connection – even for devices installed in hard to reach areas.


Advanced verification up to level 1 without process interruption activates the powerful diagnostic functions built into our field devices and starts an extensive self-test that gives you precise information about the current device status. The result is a detailed report for e.g. proof test documentation of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508/61511 or for quality management systems (ISO 9001).

  • Use OPTICHECK DTM: from the control room via FDT/DTM frame application

  • Use OPTICHECK DTM: wirelessly on site on a laptop using a Bluetooth® Com DTM or modem

  • Use OPTICHECK DTM: from the control room via FDT/DTM frame application

  • Use OPTICHECK DTM: wirelessly on site on a laptop using a Bluetooth® Com DTM or modem

Highest-possible test depth without process interruption for the most extensive on-site device verification (level 0, 1, 2) available on the market. Via direct connections to the sensor, electronics and signal outputs, you can perform extended tests without dismounting the measuring device. In only 10 minutes, you can get a detailed test report for e.g. proof test documentation of safety loops acc. to IEC 61508/61511 or for quality management systems (ISO 9001).

Detailed test reports for:

  • Documentation of the proof test of safety loops, designed according to the functional safety requirements of IEC 61508 or IEC 61511.1
  • Extension of proof test intervals
  • Simplification of the actual test procedure
  • Creation of maintenance plans

Valuable monitoring for improved processes

Optimise applications, maintenance planning and troubleshooting by monitoring individual or multiple measured values from your processes with OPTICHECK tools.

In addition to primary measured values, such as the volume flow rate of an electromagnetic flowmeter, you can also display and analyse the conductivity or temperature of a medium to gain additional insights into processes.

Prevent downtime: Monitoring helps you detect meter wear that may have been caused by corrosion or abrasion, so that you can get ahead of device failure. Log and display trends over time to detect emerging failures, such as electrodes fouling early and to provide maintenance technicians with detailed information that allows them to take effective preventive action.

For the simple long-term trend analysis for individual applications or complex processes all measured values and other information from each measuring instrument are automatically stored in a separate database.

Wide spread measuring network? myDevice contains a dedicated tool for you: an application built upon KROHNE’s web-based IIoT platform and state-of-the-art cybersecurity technology, including data encryption. That allows for convenient monitoring, e.g. checking and logging of measured data, device status and diagnostic information of remote applications. Secure cloud database enables long-term trend analysis. Thanks to remote access, you can analyse the data via the Internet from literally anywhere.

Convenient device asset management

With myDevice tools, you can manage device statuses and have access to all device-related assets – anytime, anywhere.

All data, one location – The Product Information Center KROHNE (PICK) gives you complete access to documents specific to your individual field device and makes the digital twin of your field device available.

The following document types can be found: handbooks, quickstarts, supplementary manuals, calibration certificates, factory settings, parameter datasheets, type plates.


Helpful training tools

Our video tutorials and courses are excellent sources of knowledge – from general product, process, and regulation information before you buy a measuring instrument, to detailed device handling information once you’re operating it.

Step-by-step through installation, commissioning and verification – short video tutorials (ICV) cover the typical procedures and are available online in 8 languages.



Mechanical installation

Electrical installation



Knowledge where and when you need it – Web-based learning platform with more than 15,000 registered users worldwide features audio enhanced digital eLearning courses on process instrumentation, e.g. measuring principles, SIL. Enjoy free and unlimited access to all courses in English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, progress monitoring and course completion certificates.

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