Pressure Measurement – Primary elements

Differential pressure primary element with industry-related documents, certifications and tests

Primary elements
  • Equipment of complete measuring points incl. differential pressure transmitters, temperature and pressure transmitters and flow computer
  • Hydrostatic pressure test, dye penetration procedure, x-ray and ultrasound test, PMI
  • Comprehensive test and certification documentation

Different primary elements are available for differential pressure flow measurement of aggressive and non-aggressive gases, vapour and liquids:

Orifice plates

  • With positioned grip plate for direct installation between pipe or measuring flanges
  • Available as a standard orifice plate, quarter circle nozzle, segmental orifice plate, orifice plate with conical inlet, double cone orifice plate
  • In particular for large line sizes

Compact or integral orifice plates

  • Like orifice plates, but with a carrier ring for differential pressure pipes: Installation possible between normal pipe flanges
  • Pressure taps via single bore or annular chamber

Orifice plate with flange tapping

  • Like orifice plates, but with measuring flanges: Pressure is removed via a boring in the flange respectively in the defined distance before or after the orifice plate disc
  • Measuring flanges as standard according to ASME B 16.36 or DIN 19214, other standards are possible

Meter runs

  • Primary elements combined with an inlet and outlet section for low-disturbance flow measurement; they are frequently used in small pipes as the impact of disturbance factors is greatest there
  • Supplied completely assembled and ready for installation, with flange or weld in connection
  • Numerous versions are available


  • Primary elements with lower pressure loss compared to the orifice plate

Restricting orifice plates

  • For defined pressure destruction in the process, or in air outlet pipes
  • For all single-phase media
  • As a simple blank with a welded-on handle for installation between pipe flange or as a welded-in variant
  • Hardening of the restricting boring with certain materials possible for a longer lifespan


  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Power plants


  • ND, MHD, HD measurements in power stations
  • Natural gas measurements
  • Wet gas measurements