Functional Safety

"The most important part during the design of safety loops is the following: The choice of the right measurement technique and the respective installation."

Lothar Gellrich,
Vice President Operational Marketing,
Functional Safety Expert

Making safety loops even more reliable with measurement technology

Functional Safety is a fundamental part of human and plant safety in the process industry. KROHNE has implemented all relevant aspects into a comprehensive portfolio of measurement equipment, meeting the latest international safety standards, and incorporating advanced safety features.

Automated partial prooftesting

Partial proof testing in general offers great opportunities to increase overall plant safety and the reduction of proof test efforts. Besides the partial proof testing of automated industrial valve assemblies, it is now also possible to partially proof test sensing elements, such as flowmeters, pressure meters, etc.


Optimisation of safety loops

Optimization of safety loops can be useful in many respects. On the one hand, the effort and frequency of the proof tests can be optimized, but at the same time the failure probability of the safety loop can also be reduced


Avoidance of systematic errors

In functional safety, a distinction is made between random and systematic errors. The random faults are usually due to the failure of hardware failures. The systematic faults, on the other hand, are mostly due to errors in planning, commissioning or operation.


Selected instrumentation solutions

In recent years the safety standards for instrumentation could be improved in many areas. Many novelties could be realized throughout several measurement techniques, some are specific for individual ones.

Below a few examples: