Pressure Measurement – Accessories

Accessories for OPTIBAR pressure transmitters

Accessories for OPTIBAR pressure transmitters

The OPTIBAR Accessories program offers a complete set of valves, manifolds and adapters to assure an easy and safe installation and commissioning of pressure and differential pressure transmitters in all application conditions.

  • Valves
  • Manifolds
  • Flange adapters
  • Condensate pots
  • Connecting pipes
  • General accessories
  • Flow Computer
Example: Shut-off valve similar to DIN 16270 design A, version P


Manometer valve

Manometer valves are mounted as shut-off valves in front of pressure gauges with and without test connection. A test connection later allows a simple check of the measuring device.

Barstock valves

Barstock valves are mounted as shut-off valves in front of pressure gauges. They are designed as single or double valves.

Example: 5-valve manifold in double flange version, version 6


3- and 5-valve manifolds

3- and 5-valve manifolds are suitable for shutting off the impulse lines and for mounting differential pressure measuring devices. These manifolds are suitable for direct flange mounting according to IEC 61518. They have standard external stem threads and 1/2 NPT connection threads.

Manifolds for steam and HT steam

All manifolds for steam are designed for a nominal pressure of PN420/DN5. The valve housing is die forged. The surface is phosphated.

Example: Version P and T: with swivel female, short

Flange adapters

Flange adapters are used as a link between the pipeline and instrumentation.

The compact design makes additional connection parts superfluous.

Example: Condensate pot, version X

Condensate pots

Condensate pots are essential for accurate measurement of steam using the differential pressure method.

Example: Syphon in U shape Version C and D

Connecting pipes

Connecting pipes and syphons are used for the mounting of pressure gauges for the measurement of liquids, gases and steam.

Example: Gauge snubber

General accessories

For OPTIBAR pressure transmitters you can get the following general accessories:

  • Fittings – female and male
  • Sealing o-ring acc. to EN 837-1
  • Blind plug
  • Oval flange adapter
  • Gauge snubber
    OPTIBAR FC 1000
    OPTIBAR FC 1000

    Flow computer OPTIBAR FC 1000

    Flow computer for pressure and temperature compensated gas and steam measurement and gross/net energy calculation