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Fuel gas skid for a CCGT power plant

Application Report | Power Generation

  • Fuel gas management for a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant
  • Complete fuel gas system from one source, incl. fuel gas conditioning, pressure reduction, quality and flow measurement, flow computing, safety functions, etc.
  • Accurate, reliable and maintenance-free flowmeter acc. to OIML R137 as core element

Dosing of aluminium sulphate in potable water treatment

Application Note | Water & Wastewater

  • Automated control loop for efficient coagulation and sedimentation
  • Combined flowmeter solution allows a precise dosing ratio of coagulant to infeed water volume
  • Cost savings due to a reduced consumption of chemicals and shorter retention times
  • Increased process stability and water treatment safety

Redundant level indication of wastewater from a conversion plant

Application Report | Nuclear

  • Increased safety by using redundant level monitoring of treated effluent from uranium conversion
  • Tailored magnetic level indicators for 12 m / 39.4 ft high plastic tanks
  • Local level indication without power supply to back up radar level measurement
  • Corrosion-resistant PVDF material ensures maintenance-free operation and long service

Modular solution for dosing of paper sizing additives

Application Report | Chemical

  • Real time process control of additives in line with production rates of paper machine
  • Consistent sizing emulsion thanks to accurate and repeatable flow measurement
  • Coriolis mass and electromagnetic flowmeters for a skid-mounted specialty chemical feed unit

Custody transfer (CT) flow measurement for a natural gas fuel system

Application Note | Power Generation

  • Flow metering solution for gas supply to load-flexible combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units
  • Equipping fuel skids with calibrated metering sections and flow computers
  • Maintenance-free operation and long-term stable, repeatable flow measurement using ultrasonic gas flowmeters
  • Complete flow solution from one source: from engineering, instrumentation and flow computing to certification and commissioning

Flow measurement for billing of a hydrogen/natural gas mixture

Application Report | Chemical

  • Custody transfer flow measurement of a gas mixture with hydrogen (H2) and methane (CH4)
  • Re-use of existing natural gas pipeline for H2 transport between industrial sites
  • Decrease in energy consumption of 0.15 PJ, 10,000 metric tons CO2 per year saved

High temperature flow measurement of CO2 and H2 from a reactor column

Application Report | Iron, Steel & Metal

  • Improving sustainability and decreasing the carbon footprint of steel production
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement to monitor H2 and CO2 separation from flue gases
  • Real-time measurement of various gas mixtures at high temperatures

Determination of steam quantities from a gas-fired boiler plant

Application Report | Power Generation

  • Accurate and reliable measuring data for the distribution and calculation of thermal energy
  • Calibrated DP flow solutions for flow measurement of HP/LP steam and condensate (acc. to ISO 5167)
  • Complete scope of delivery with flow nozzles, orifice meter runs, DP and pressure transmitters, temperature assemblies and flow computers
  • Everything supplied from one source: from consultation and engineering to manufacturing and integration

Portable flow measurement for product transfer in a brewery

Application Report | Food & Beverage

  • Mobile flow system for beer, cider and cleaning agents
  • Repeatable transfer operation based on ultra-compact flowmeter
  • Reliable monitoring of flow rate, total flow and temperature
  • Simplicity in operation: no mobile devices needed for set-up

Leak detection on a CO2 pipeline

Application Note | Oil & Gas

  • CO2 is removed from natural gas prior to LNG liquefaction
  • A 7 km / 4.35 mi pipeline transports the CO2 to injection wells for permanent storage
  • An E-RTTM based pipeline leak detection system is installed on this pipeline

Upgrading gas receival stations with standardized electrical cabinets

Application Report | Oil & Gas

  • Replacing electronic volume converters with modular MI-002 flow computer cabinets
  • Cost-effective flow control and data transfer cabinets for a future-proof pipeline network
  • Ready for alternative gas mixtures, e.g. natural gas and hydrogen mixtures
  • Reduced installation costs at minimum downtime: Up and running within one day

Medida de caudal y nivel en un esparcidor de purines

Informe de aplicación | Agricultura

  • Gestión eficaz de los nutrientes de los purines conforme a la normativa medioambiental
  • Instrumentación del proceso para una distribución uniforme del fertilizante
  • Prevención de la pérdida de nutrientes y de la escorrentía de fertilizantes
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